Farm Security

We here at Carrig Security offer a range of Security systems suited to farms including intruder alarms, cctv and gate automation.

Intruder Alarms


Our external motion detectors provide reliable intruder detection in challenging environments while having little or no false alarms. These detectors can be integrated with cctv so the customer has instant visual notifications of intruders.


Active Infra-Red Beams, sometimes called Point-to-Point Beams, are a reliable and long-established method of intruder detection. Once set up they are extremely stable, with a high detection rate and low false alarm rate.

These can also be integrated with CCTV for instant notifications.


As every farm is different we will design a bespoke system that suits every application. Our cameras can be wired or wireless with recent projects seeing cameras being transmitted over 3km to the recorder.

Our cameras use video analytics to notify of intruders or can be integrated with our intruder detection beams to give extremely accurate results.

These cameras of course can be viewed in real time through an app on a phone or tablet.

Gate Automation 

To view all the Gate Automation options available to our clients, please visit our Gate Automation page.

Calving, Lambing and Foaling Cameras


Looking after livestock is a time consuming task at the best of times, but it is even more so during the calving, lambing or foaling seasons.

Regular trips at all hours of the day to see if nature needs assistance quickly becomes wearing, especially on those occasion’s when nothing’s happening.

A calving camera or lambing camera from Carrig Security can help ease the burden!

Carrig security have installed calving cameras and surveillance cameras for me in the past. Extremely happy with the professional service they provide. Always at the end of the phone, nothing is ever a problem, top class service, would highly recommend.

Paddy Kelly

Farmer, Broadford Co. Limerick