We are able to offer a wide range of CCTV systems for any size of property or premises. All of our cctv systems come with remote access through the app which can be viewed anywhere in the world.

AcuSense cctv

Smart video analytics

Accurate Alarm for Human and Vehicle. You can focus on alarms triggered by humans and vehicles while false alarms triggered by small animals or other irrelevant objects are vastly reduced. Now you can enjoy this intelligent function with VCA or motion detection

Visual and Auditory Warning

On-site response and deterrence methods using visual and customizable auditory warnings to add another layer of protection. Two-way audio function is now also available.

Search Targets Quickly by Type

Video clips are sorted by human and vehicle categories, and object classification vastly improves search efficiency.

Colorvu cctv

When using a conventional camera with infrared lighting for night monitoring, people, vehicles, or other important objects are blurry and blend into the background, making it difficult to identify details.

Color-related information is crucial for many scenarios and are a great asset for data and analyses.

However, conventional cameras often lose important details when rendering only black and white images.

ColorVu Technology is our solution to this common challenge faced by many security system users.

ANPR Systems – Automatic Number-Plate Recognition

ANPR systems automatically identify vehicles by their number-plates.

You can use automatic number-plate recognition with CCTV analytics to create access lists so that gates, bollards or barriers open automatically when an authorised vehicle approaches.

Alternatively, you can remove the barriers altogether and create a ‘digital fence’ which simply notifies security staff when a new or unauthorised vehicle enters the site.

This helps to create a more open, welcoming environment without reducing security.

When we were installing a security system we contacted Brendan from Carrig Security. He called and surveyed the site and explained the options available. After agreeing on the necessary system, he came and installed on the agreed date with no fuss and gave freely of his time (often out of working hours) with any queries.

I would highly recommend Carrig Security based on our experience.

Brian O'Regan

Slipform Kerbing, Ballingarry Co. Limerick