Access Control

Here at Carrig Security we supply, install and commission door access systems for any size properties. These are bespoke systems that are tailor made for each customer. They range from simple single door keypads to more complex systems like facial recognition and time attendance.

With a digital access control system you can:

  • Protect your staff by keeping unwanted visitors out of controlled areas
  • Keep staff clear of potentially dangerous areas like machine rooms and forklift areas
  • Provide access records
  • Improve productivity by restricting unwanted traffic to certain areas
  • Configure time-based access
  • Streamline access across multiple premises – configure staff access privileges across every building they work in

Hikvision MinMoe Face Recognition Terminals

Carrig Security were recently involved in installing an automatic door in Kilcolman N.S.. They were a pleasure to work with and were very friendly and obliging. They were highly organised and efficient as well as being very neat and tidy. They are highly skilled and very hardworking.

As in all schools, health & safety of all pupils, staff etc. is paramount. Every effort was made to ensure the safety of all pupils and staff etc. We were on a very tight schedule and they met the deadline with time to spare.

We would highly recommend Carrig Security.


Kilcolman National School, Ardagh Co. Limerick